This lovely white abode has just the right balance of crisp white, clean design and highlights of warm wood and texture. This house is in Seattle USA although it looks just like a Sydney beachside cottage. The house was styled in the photo’s for a real estate listing {thats why it looks so clean and there are no personal items anywhere} Although I love that it is so paired back you can see the actual design layout and the fixtures.

This home is a wonderful example of how to pull off a crisp white design while still keeping your home warm and inviting.

They have used dark walnut flooring to balance the room and other wood elements throughout. The dark table and stair handrail provides a great contrast. The use of black door hardware with handles and hinges is a small detail but has a big effect.

Dining room banquette seating Seattle House

The window banquette seating in the dining room is a great idea and use of space in the narrow walkthrough area. The mirror reflects the one pendant to create a feeling of space and seeing 2 pendants where there is really only one.

I really love the large window seat. The big glass panel allows light to be flooded into the dining and stairwell area.

Kitchen 3 Seattle House

There are feature walls that have paneling, that bring texture and interest to the all-white rooms. In the picture below you can see 3 different wall finishes, gyprock, paneling and subway tiles but they all work because they are all the same colour.

Living room chair Seattle House

Master Bedroom 2 white and grey Seattle

A sea of soft neutrals completes this coastal styled master bedroom. Makes me want to remove all my excessive stuff in my home and make it a clean minimalist design.