How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

An essential element to a well designed room is the height of pictures, mirrors and artwork are hung. It requires more than hammering a nail into the wall. If it is important enough to make a home for it on your walls then it’s important to do it right.


Hanging artwork too high is one of the most common mistakes I see in homes. Let me also include clocks in this as most people hang them ridiculously high too.  Whether it’s a framed child drawing, a print, photograph or a beautiful canvas, everyone seems to be hanging them so high only a 7-foot giant could really appreciate them. 

The rule of thumb is that the middle of your picture should be your eye height.




The perfect height to hang your artwork is average human eye level which is surprisingly low. The average eye level is only 145 cm from the ground. The middle of your artwork should be positioned at this height, so you are looking into the center of whatever it is you have hanging on your walls. 


It does not matter if you have super tall ceilings either, it is still ideal to keep it at eye level. If you have a super tall family, you may only add a little to the 145 cm.



That being said some adjustments are necessary if you are hanging it over a mantel or a bedhead but still keep these low too. If you are hanging artwork above a sofa or a bedhead, the gap between the top of the furniture and bottom of your artwork should only be around 12 – 30 cm. This is where so many people go wrong by trying to hang it in the middle of the space from ceiling to top of the furniture.

I think the lower the better. Check out these great examples below.

There are of course exceptions to this rule, that’s if we are talking about a gallery wall and also extra large artworks. But as a general rule of thumb, this is where you need to hang or re-hang your wall art and pictures.

Images  1/via Studio Mcgee 2/via Little Liberty 3/ FentonandFenton 4/Via Rebecca Judd Loves

The Must Have Kmart Velvet Occasional Chair

The Must Have Kmart Velvet Occasional Chair

Kmart keeps on delivering on stylish, practical and incredibly affordable furniture.

I recently completed an office fit out where we where I wanted to use a comfortable and stylish desk chair. The Grey Velvet Occasional Chair was the perfect solution. The velvet fabric and black legs give a sense of luxe to an otherwise white on white desk area.

Here in the H&H Studio we use the Blush Velvet Occasional Chair from Kmart that they launched early this year and would say it is the most comfortable office chair we have ever used. It looks super stylish and the rise on the back is the perfect support when sitting at a desk.

These can be used for dining or just occasional chairs in a sitting area or bedroom. At $49 it won’t be hard to find the perfect spot for these fab chairs in your home.

Images  1&3 / Kmart 2/via Pinterest

e-design colour services

Paint spoons

I know so many of you live in other states or regional areas and I have had an overwhelming number of emails for assistance with your home or renovation project.

So as a result I have created a number of e-design colour services including exterior colour, kitchens and bedrooms. All the work is completed via email, skype and phone.

It is generally a 2-3 week turnaround, but if you have left it to the last minute… I also have an express service option to fast track it to 1-3 days turnaround.

I am super excited to be able to work with my lovely readers who live far and wide.

Please click here for details on the e-design colour services.

Angie Sig

how to choose an exterior colour

Charcoal front door

A new year, fresh start and a new house colour……

January is the time of the year when everyone embraces change and its one of the busiest times for people to decide to repaint.

So if  2013 is the year to update the colour of your house I have a few tips.

# 1

Take your time to find out what look you really love. Drive around your neighbourhood or even better take a weekend drive around to a suburb that gives you house envy and get some inspiration.

# 2

If you find a house that has the perfect colour, please don’t pop out from the bushes with a colour swatch or start snapping photos. I had a client who almost reversed over a lady who was standing in the driveway trying to scratch some paint off the render and then proceeded to yell at the homeowner! Knock on the door and tell them how much you admire their home and ask if they will share their paint colours.  Flattery and respect gets you everwhere, I have even been invited in a number of times and shown photos of the renovation etc.

If no one is home, I leave a note under the door and leave my card or email address asking if they would be kind enough to tell me their paint colours.

# 3

If you cant explain the look you are after then go through magazines, pinterest or blogs to find houses you like. Keep them in a scrapbook or digital file and keep going back to look and you will see a pattern of similar styles emerge.


Go darker, darker darker…..

The most common mistake when it comes to choosing exterior colours is selecting a colour that is just to light for the exterior.  My rule of thumb is to pick a colour and then go 4 shades darker to get the look of the sample you have outside in the sun.

# 5

Always buy a sample pot and test on all sides of the house.

For more tips on Exterior Colour Schemes click here.

Angie Sig

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