Lonny Black Kitchen

Black kitchens are adorable and quite trendy these days. In the kitchen world, white reigns supreme but how can you not love the depth and beauty of black. Black is classic and won’t date if it is done with the right sense of style and good dash of white on the walls and counter tops. I think black cabinetry gives Carrera marble the best backdrop to make it come alive. Black kitchens have a way of creating a minimalist clutter-free feel to your house.

Black Galley kitchen

Black cabintes white subway tile

Black works in both modern homes and those with a contemporary traditional style. However, black kitchens are now also being considered as statement area in some households.

If you are not brave enough to go with full black cabinetry why not do black on the bottom cabinets and then do white on the upper cabinets. If you can’t commit to that then definitely look at having black cabinetry on your island bench.

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Angie Sig