Breeze blocks are back and are currently getting trendy.  My Grandparents home built circa 1950 was full of these beauties inside and out. There is something comforting and nostalgic about the Breeze Bricks yet fresh and contemporary.  They have been used in residential buildings for the past few years with little fanfare, but they are stylish, unique and can be used both inside and out. Providing screening without losing airflow or light they are the perfect building material to provide style and structure.

Aside from the added shade and interior design it can also help build an over-all theme and ambience of a house. It created solid dimensions and a sense of modern feel as well.

Austral Bricks

 Greg Natale


The patterns are endless with many different options from square, circles and diamonds. On the exterior of a house, you can paint them the same colour as the house leaving the amazing pattern and texture to be the hero. It also creates a hint of privacy and intimacy to any area.



Halcyon House

Breeze Blocks come in a grey concrete finish, white looks amazing but also consider using colour like these two examples below. It really adds an amazing feature to any space. One thing we can all love about breeze blocks is its versatility. It can be painted to suit your exteriors and it can adjust to your interior colours as well. Many houses with breeze blocks are often painted white to have a minimalist feel and look to it. I prefer to see white outside and darker or natural concrete colour used for interiors.


Modern breeze blocks have newer shape patterns which can add spice to any part of the house. It can even sometimes be a statement piece.You can hang aerial plants or plant decors to make it more tropical. Some lights can also be installed to add a more dramatic effect.


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via Pinterest


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