How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

An essential element to a well designed room is the height of pictures, mirrors and artwork are hung. It requires more than hammering a nail into the wall. If it is important enough to make a home for it on your walls then it’s important to do it right.


Hanging artwork too high is one of the most common mistakes I see in homes. Let me also include clocks in this as most people hang them ridiculously high too.  Whether it’s a framed child drawing, a print, photograph or a beautiful canvas, everyone seems to be hanging them so high only a 7-foot giant could really appreciate them. 

The rule of thumb is that the middle of your picture should be your eye height.




The perfect height to hang your artwork is average human eye level which is surprisingly low. The average eye level is only 145 cm from the ground. The middle of your artwork should be positioned at this height, so you are looking into the center of whatever it is you have hanging on your walls. 


It does not matter if you have super tall ceilings either, it is still ideal to keep it at eye level. If you have a super tall family, you may only add a little to the 145 cm.



That being said some adjustments are necessary if you are hanging it over a mantel or a bedhead but still keep these low too. If you are hanging artwork above a sofa or a bedhead, the gap between the top of the furniture and bottom of your artwork should only be around 12 – 30 cm. This is where so many people go wrong by trying to hang it in the middle of the space from ceiling to top of the furniture.

I think the lower the better. Check out these great examples below.

There are of course exceptions to this rule, that’s if we are talking about a gallery wall and also extra large artworks. But as a general rule of thumb, this is where you need to hang or re-hang your wall art and pictures.

Images  1/via Studio Mcgee 2/via Little Liberty 3/ FentonandFenton 4/Via Rebecca Judd Loves

7 Tips To Help You Decorate Like a Stylist

7 Tips To Help You Decorate Like a Stylist

Do you feel like your home needs something but can’t quiet put your finger on it. When it comes to adding some wow factor or even just giving a room a finished look it can be overwhelming and difficult to work out exactly what it needs. Here are some interior designer tips I can share

Em Henderson in her book Styling says “styling just means giving a space a sense of a personality”. I couldn’t agree more.

Here are my seven tips for what you can do right now without a stylist to help create a more cohesive and polished look that suits your style.

1. Give your living room furniture breathing space.


One of the easiest quick styling fixes is to rearranging your furniture. So many homes have all of their living room furniture hard up against the walls. If you look at some of the most beautiful rooms in magazine or by designers, the living room furniture is floating in the room.  Its important to give your furniture breathing space.

By simply moving the lounge off the wall by 30cm it can change the feel of the room.  This is not always the rule if you have a super small space but try to arrange the furniture so it looks likes it is in conversation with the other pieces. Obviously not bookcases etc but definitely for seating.

2. Always use feather inserts for decorative cushions.


If you have ever wondered why cushions in magazines or on display are puffy and beautiful and your recent purchase looks more like a pancake now it lives in your home?

Most of the time the cushions you purchase in a retail store have synthetic filling.  In a short period of time by laying on these, it will cause your pillow to look flat. Its all to do with the insert. The secret is to swap your insert with a feather filled one and just like magic no matter how squished they get, a gentle shake and reshape will get them light and fluffy again.

I buy all my duck feather inserts at Ikea for only $8 each (FJÄDRAR 50x50 size). They come in all sorts of sizes and once you have enough you can insert them into any cushion you buy.

3. Hang your artwork or framed images at the right height.



One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when hanging artwork or images is that they hang them super high. The correct hight for any image hung on the wall is the have the middle of the picture about the average persons eye height.

In the image above you can see where the artwork is hung in relation to a dining table. In the two images below, the bottom of the artwork should be sitting about a head higher than the sofa. It is always a lot lower than you think.



4. Shop your own home.



Friends who visit our home are always saying, “I like your new…….”  when actually it’s furniture or accessories I have had for years and years but used to be in another room. I shop my own home.  I am always moving things around and trying new looks.  Lamps are on high rotation around my home as are cushions and artwork. Best of all its fun and free. Take a fresh look at the homewares and furniture you have in other rooms or even in storage and repurpose into another room.


5. Learn to mix high / low end pieces as well as old & new.



There are now a lot of options in buying house stuff and many fabulous items that are on point for price and can be sourced from Target, Kmart or even the Reject shop.  Its about creating interest and balance with items you buy and things you already have.  If you purchase a new modern metal cube for your coffee table, sit it next to an old wooden bowl or something that has history.  Trendy pieces can be overdone so remember. just one or two key pieces on display is just right.

6. Choose the right size rug for the living room.



The right rug can help to balance out many of the elements in a room. It can provide colour, contrast or even texture to a space. The size of the rug is what most people don’t get quiet right.

A large rug will look good if placed right in the room. It should look like your seating area is sitting on your rug. If you can’t find a rug big enough in the style you like buy two or 3 and sew them together.

7. Always use ideas from magazines, Pinterest and blogs



If you feel you ran out of ideas. You can always go back to inspiration posts from Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Study pictures of coffee tables to see how they stack books and add trays, see how they place cushions etc.

 You do not have to reinvent anything, if you see a look you love try it. There are ideas you can find by simply walking in the mall or shopping for new plates in the home section.

Images: 1/via pinterest   2/  Highgate House  3/via pinterest 4/Ikea 5/ Kara Rosalund 6/ Pinterest 7/ Decoholic 8/ Stylizmo 9/ 10/ Decorpad  11/ TheEverygirl
Guide To Using Dark Paint Colours In Your Home

Guide To Using Dark Paint Colours In Your Home

Dark paint can be tricky if you are going for a specific feel with your interior design. One of the most common questions I am asked as a colour consultant is “Will a dark colour make the room feel smaller?” In my experience, people seem genuinely afraid to paint walls inside their homes a dark or even mid tone colour.

Using dark colours in interiors can create a feeling of sophistication, comfort and drama. In all the years I have choosing colours I have NEVER had a client say to me once the room was painted “The colour is too dark”. They often say I wish I had of gone a few shades darker as you suggested.

The image above of the hanging vase was taken in my home.  I painted just one wall and it completely changed the feel of our living room and I love it. The colour is Dulux Isolation, a deep dark Charcoal with a blue base. I normally don’t choose blue based greys because they can be cold, but when they are deep dark colours it adds depth to the colour. It actually look more like the image below in real life.

Will it make the room look smaller?

Dark colours recede. When a room is painted a dark to medium tone, the colour will actually make the room look larger rather than bringing the walls in.

Can you paint just one wall dark or are feature walls not on trend?

With dark paint colours, you can just pick one wall to make an impact. I think the days of having a different coloured feature wall in every room are over but using one wall is ideal with dark colours.

One of the reasons I love most about using dark walls is their ability to make other elements of the room the hero. All types of wood tones look amazing and really stand out against dark walls as do whites trims and artworks.

Will the room become dark and cold looking?

The natural light in a room will not change so if it is a south facing room that always seems cool regardless of the colour you choose, why not make it cosy and give it that feeling of richness. If it is a space with bright light, even better as it will still look great.

Dark walls are not just for living areas and bedrooms. They look fabulous in bathrooms, laundry’s and kitchens.  Like these images below it works to showcase the white or light elements in a room.

I am in love with this laundry, its amazing and the dark walls make that beautiful marble really pop.

Dark paint walls are prefect to make the bold items of furniture and artwork really stand out, much better than white can for impact. The yellow chair or red lounge would not have the same wow factor against a white backdrop.




It doesn’t have to be charcoals, greys and navy…what about a deep green, red or aubergine.



So what are you waiting for? Be brave and bold with your paint dark paint colour choices and remember…its only paint of you don’t like it, you can paint over it. Its not a long term commitment, so have a fling with the dark side.

Image Credits:  all sourced from Pinterest,I have misplaced all original sources. If you know who these belong to please let me know.
7 Homes That Prove Dark Windows Are Both Classic And Contemporary

7 Homes That Prove Dark Windows Are Both Classic And Contemporary

Perfect kitchen with dark windows

Dark windows are popping up everywhere and they look fabulous. I thought I would give you some inspiration to show you how classic and contemporary black windows are.

Beach house black windows

I am delighted to see so many dark window frames in all styles of homes at the moment.  I had all my windows replaced in charcoal 7 years ago and until recently I had always wished I had chosen white instead.

I seriously contemplated repainting them all, which would have been quiet possibily the worst job ever!! Thank goodness I didn’t and I am happy to have my dark ones.

Black grey & white kitchen

This post has been in my draft box for months and as I edit it to post today, The Nester who has a fab blog has just painted her window frames black and has a how to here

Greige Kitchen black windows


black external windows


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 9.26.32 AM

Dark window with kitchen banquette


Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 3.30.14 PM

There is something understated but dramatic about using a black or charcoal finish.

Why don’t you consider it when choosing your window finish.

1/ Pinterest 2/Christine Franck 3/ Catherine Kwong Design 4/ Griege Blog 5/Linda Reeves 6/via Architect Magazine 7&8/Studio William Hefner

Living with White

Living with White

White houses are so beautiful. I have totally fallen in love with them.  This may not seem that odd, but as a designer who specialises in colour and whom shares a home with a husband, 3 boys and & big brown dog, white was not really on the agenda.

Dreamy Whites


In saying that my house is very neutral, but their is a huge difference between neutral and white.  My new mantra for bringing in more white furniture and furnishings is..

If it can be washed or wiped then it can be white.

Having a stylish liveable space means exactly that…livable.  I need for my family to be able to sit on white lounges and to be able to wash white curtains that will get little fingerprints on them.

Dreamy Whites


 I have featured quite a few images here from the lovely Dreamy Whites blog because Maria has the most stunning “white” interior, has 5 children and the house is on a ranch.  So this is fabulous example that you can have white in a family home.  In fact I would say it may even been easier because you can launder it.

Dreamy Whites


 So far the white that I have introduced has actually made the space look, to my surprise, cleaner. Even with the usual mess that creeps into our family room, it still looks cleaner with a white sofa.

I have a list here of my top ten white paint colours, but my favourite is Natural White by Dulux.  It is soft but without losing its whiteness {not too creamy} and is a really great backdrop for a white room, hallway etc.

via Pinterest


Happy Friday!

A fabulous hallway with serious storage

A fabulous hallway with serious storage

Hallways are always great to have in a house. This is a fantastic hallway.  Just look at all those draws, every person in the family could have their on row of draws to keep all their bits & pieces in. You could use those draws for anything really. This is a great idea for those of you who have a wide entry/hall area.

via Domestic Bliss

The gallery wall has a great mix of photos and typography artwork.  Plenty of hooks but they seem more for artistic purposes rather than functional. Trays on top to catch keys, mail and finished off with two lovely lamps…. Now if only I had a wider hallway {sigh}.

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