Exterior Colour Schemes – Why less is definitely more.

Exterior Colour Schemes – Why less is definitely more.

There has been a trend in recent years by home building companies to use so many different materials and colours on the exterior colour scheme that it is almost silly. Brick, Sycon cladding, stone, timber, Colorbond, concrete render and that is all just on the front facade……phew

When it comes to exteriors, I say less is more. Approximately 8 out of 10 of my exterior colour clients say they would like a classic scheme that does not date. Then one of the best ways to do that is to keep the scheme simple.

This gorgeous home is a great example of using a limited but very successful colour scheme. Black, white and a very soft grey.

It works because it is simple.

I love stone features, I love cladding and I love brick but not always together in all different colours with timber and colorbond thrown into the mix. Sometimes it’s a little too busy and I have a feeling that this trend for multiple features on a facade will date.

My general rule of thumb is 4 exterior colours and that includes the roof and windows.  Different textures and substrates can be painted in the same colour. They still look different and it adds to the overall design of the home. Please don’t make the mistake of having every different material a different colour. I love having different materials say like cladding and render the same colour because what you then focus on is the texture rather than the colour.

The one thing I don’t include in my limited 4 colours is the front door.  Paint your door bright green or hot pink. You can blend it into the scheme or totally have it be the most stand out feature of the exterior.

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any exterior. If you are using stone on your facade, make it the hero. It should be the feature and not competing too much with all the other elements

Less is definitely more when it comes to the exterior colour palette.

1/ Heartly Design 2/ Queensland Homes 3/ Benjamin Moore / Pinterest


Inspiration for Colourful House Exteriors

Inspiration for Colourful House Exteriors


Colourful House Exteriors can be tricky. Have you ever dreamt of painting your home something other than a neutral colour? If grey is not your favourite shade then you should choose something that makes your heart sing.

Of course there are certain rules to exterior colour {many that I talk about here on this blog} but rules were meant to be broken especially in the world of design.  Your home should not only express your personality but also be a place of happiness so why not paint it your favourite colour.

Colourful homes are a staple of tropical and coastal areas but defiantly not limited to those. In my own local Blue Mountains town there are gorgeous colourful homes in apple green, yellow, pink and also navy.

They are all cottage style homes with weatherboard. Here is one of my all time fav projects in a soft buttery yellow.


If pastels are not your thing then go deep and dark with an almost black, navy or sage green.

Modern homes have so many options to add bright and bold colour.  A great solution to adding a bold colour is to use on the back of a house, an extension, garage, pool house or shed.

Stunning Australian Hamptons Style Home

Stunning Australian Hamptons Style Home

If you love Hamptons style mixed with clean & contemporary Australian living then this is the perfect house for you to swoon over.

This beautiful home belongs to a client of mine who started her own blog about designing and building their families “forever” home.

I worked with them to create the exterior colour scheme. It is one of my all time favourite exterior projects and it looks even better in real life.  Another client recently sent a picture of this house to me as her inspiration, not realising it was one of my schemes {what a lovely compliment}. The owners have had wonderful feedback on the exterior colours.

{I will add more exterior photos on the end of the post}

 Louise, the owner and professional photographer {check out her amazing work here} has a great sense of style and proportion. It is the attention to detail, like the trellis wallpaper and the X inserts in the sideboard above that take each space from beautiful to fabulous.  The symmetry of the two lamps is balanced well by the round mirror.

And then there is the kitchen…. sigh


It is quality over quantity in this kitchen.  Simple but sophisticated, again with attention to details. The use of dark wood, marble, stone and white cabinetry give the kitchen that Hampton style, but the hero of the kitchen are those glass hurricane pendants.


They have nailed the bench seating with Thonet Bentwood bar stools in dark wood.  They slip  under the bench top not causing any visual impact and blend seamlessly into the island cabinetry.

A slab of Carrara Marble was used as the splash back with the bench tops in stone. Its great to see a mix of materials and always a great idea if you love a slab or marble but not big enough to do your whole kitchen. Some people prefer the more hard wearing engineered stone on their kitchen worktops.


Large dining table works perfectly for entertaining and everyday meals for this family of 5. The Bentwood chairs continue the dark wood theme and elegant style.

The living room ticks all the boxes, comfort, style, texture and great furniture arrangement. If you have ever wondered how to position a rug in your living room, this is an ideal example.  A living room rug should always be present where ever your feet fall when sitting on a sofa.  The rug should be positioned at least under the front feet if not back a 1/3 under the sofa. It should also come out to the side (10cm + is ideal)

Louise has added a few touches of blue and green with cushions & objects on the shelves. The room is awash with neutrals but the dark rug and sandstone tiled fireplace anchor this space.

This gorgeous master bedroom repeats the fresh colour palette of the home, taupes, whites, timber and blues.  Love the colour and style of this bedhead, it sums up the feel of this space, stylish, elegant and timeless.

Here are some more images of the exterior to get a look at a few more angles.

What a gorgeous home!

Just for the record, the left side wall is the same colour as the render under the windows, its just a shadow.

? All photography by Louise Treacy Photography

For more information on this home please visit

Our Hampton Style Forever Home

Exteriors – Going To The Dark Side Has Never Looked This Good

Exteriors – Going To The Dark Side Has Never Looked This Good

There is something so wonderful and daring about a black exterior. It can give an old house a new lease of life or a new one a contemporary yet classic look. Black tones have really made a resurgence for exteriors, and I can see why.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.24.20 PM

White trim on windows, doors or even shutters can be the key to not only making the black pop, but also creating a balance of light and dark elements. Its seems as if anything goes with a black background.  Bright coloured doors, plants or even outdoor furniture will all look fab against a dark backdrop.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.34.32 PM

Black Deck Chairs

The image below is a stunning example of how you can take a historical buildings and completely transform the exterior by using all black.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.23.44 PM

This Victorian terrace is a great example of painting out all the trim and details in black. I think it adds to the architectural features and certainly creates drama.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.24.41 PM

The window and brick detail of this New York building looks so much more sophisticated than its neighbours. The mirrored doors with chevron patterned black metal are amazing too.

Modern black brownstone

One of the best features of painting your home black is that is works with so many roof colours, especially red and terracotta. I am asked all the time how to work a red roof into a scheme and black is definitely a great way to bring your tired red roof and home to life.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.28.18 PM

Black and charcoal make greenery look extra lush and wooden furniture or decks are the perfect partner to a dark exterior.

Black cabin exterior

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.23.17 PM

If you are thinking about a new exterior colour for your home, why not consider going black or a deep charcoal.  It suits almost any style of home and definatly gives your home that wow factor.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.27.59 PM

Image credits:1/ via Pinterest 2/ sfgirlbybay 3/ via Lonny 4/ via Pinterest  5/ via Lonny 6/ via Lonny 7/ via Pinterest 8/ via Lonny  9/ NZ Farmhouse by M Tuxes & M Langebaek Photo Nathalie Kragh 10/ Designwash.net
Weatherboard Cottage With A Modern Twist

Weatherboard Cottage With A Modern Twist

This stunning home that I recently worked on is featured in the April 2014 issue of Home Beautiful {pg 183}.  The article was all about exteriors and I provided some expert tips on using colour and materials on your home. They loved this home, but what you don’t get to see in the magazine is that this modern addition belongs to a beautiful weatherboard cottage.

Home Beautiful April 2014 issue

This could be one of my favourite projects ever because the clients, a photographer and an art gallery manager have a unique amazing style and embrace colour.  They said were thinking about repainting in a bold colour either a green or yellow. Oh be still my beating heart….I finally can do a yellow exterior!

yellow weatherboard front

We chose a light buttery yellow and repainted not only the weatherboard but the colorbond roof, gutters, fascia the lot.  It was given a complete overhaul. Previously it was green on the roof and a deep terracotta.  The magic of paint never ceases to amaze me.

yellow weatherboard side view

Yellow weatherboard close up

Yellow is a tricky colour to get right. It really absorbs light and intensifies more than any other colour. It works really well here with the palette of charcoals, whites, light greys and wood tones. The interior of the home has a fabulous eclectic retro vibe and the multimedia of the outside works well with this style.

Angie (3)

This stunning modern extension was originally going to be painted in a deep charcoal but once the owners saw the beauty of the wood, it was stained instead. The bricks were selected by the owners and look amazing with the wood. The walls travels from outside into the interior main bedroom.

What I really love about this home is that it breaks the “exterior” rules and does it so well. The extension has different coloured windows, roof fascia and eaves than the house but it looks amazing. It works because the extension was never trying to look the same as the house.

{All photography in this post by Adam Hollingsworth}

I will post the whole Home Beautiful article soon.

Angie Sig

White Out – Raffles Hotel Singapore

White Out – Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel SG 4Singapore was a beauty when I visited last year. Fabulous city, great food and amazing architecture. A beautiful mix of colonial and ultra modern buildings.

I was truly, madly, deeply in love with the Raffles Hotel.  The white, the dark wood and tropical colonial style, the lights…..everything. It was a wonderful experience to have stayed in this stylish and elegant hotel. I was captivated by its alluring simplicity and appeal.

Raffles Hotel SG 1

Raffles Hotel SG 2

My last post I spoke about simplicity of an exterior colour palette and letting the design speak sometimes rather than the colours.  This is the perfect example.

Raffles Hotel SG 3

These are a few of my snaps (clearly as not the best photography)  It still makes me lust after an all white exterior. I have always expressed fondness over white paint and this one is a great example why simple is elegant.

Raffles Hotel SG

If you are ever in Singapore a visit or even just a walk through this beautiful establishment is a must!


*The hotel is currently undergoing restoration and will reopen in the second half of 2016.

Angie Sig

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