How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

An essential element to a well designed room is the height of pictures, mirrors and artwork are hung. It requires more than hammering a nail into the wall. If it is important enough to make a home for it on your walls then it’s important to do it right.


Hanging artwork too high is one of the most common mistakes I see in homes. Let me also include clocks in this as most people hang them ridiculously high too.  Whether it’s a framed child drawing, a print, photograph or a beautiful canvas, everyone seems to be hanging them so high only a 7-foot giant could really appreciate them. 

The rule of thumb is that the middle of your picture should be your eye height.




The perfect height to hang your artwork is average human eye level which is surprisingly low. The average eye level is only 145 cm from the ground. The middle of your artwork should be positioned at this height, so you are looking into the center of whatever it is you have hanging on your walls. 


It does not matter if you have super tall ceilings either, it is still ideal to keep it at eye level. If you have a super tall family, you may only add a little to the 145 cm.



That being said some adjustments are necessary if you are hanging it over a mantel or a bedhead but still keep these low too. If you are hanging artwork above a sofa or a bedhead, the gap between the top of the furniture and bottom of your artwork should only be around 12 – 30 cm. This is where so many people go wrong by trying to hang it in the middle of the space from ceiling to top of the furniture.

I think the lower the better. Check out these great examples below.

There are of course exceptions to this rule, that’s if we are talking about a gallery wall and also extra large artworks. But as a general rule of thumb, this is where you need to hang or re-hang your wall art and pictures.

Images  1/via Studio Mcgee 2/via Little Liberty 3/ FentonandFenton 4/Via Rebecca Judd Loves

Why Not Light Up Your Kitchen With a Lamp

Why Not Light Up Your Kitchen With a Lamp

Kitchen lighting can be a delightful decision making activity. One of the elements I love most about interior design and styling is the never ending ideas pool from other designers. A completely practical and fabulous idea is to use table lamps in this space.  I must admit after seeing someone else do this I ran to grab a lamp and it stayed in there for two years. I have since moved it but now thinking I may bring it back.

 My inspiration came from the lovely Emily at Jones Design Company, who has used a lamp on her  bench top for years.  She has changed the lamp or shade over the years to give the kitchen a fresh update.

If you don’t have pendant lighting over your bench top  lamps are a great way to give extra light and look stylish too. I found in winter having a lamp in the kitchen made it feel cosy at night. After all the cooking was done I could have light but without having the super bright lights of my pendants + down lights.


Here are my top 4 reasons to bring a lamp into your cooking space.

  1. Table Lamps provides extra light and they are a fabulous option for renters or those who have not got around to installing pendants or lighting over the bench.


2. Lamps are not a permanent fixture, you can move them around or in and out of your kitchen.

3. It is an unexpected element that really does dress up a kitchen and creates an interesting stylish addition.

4. Table lamps are relatively inexpensive and you can add colour or texture to your area but using different colours or materials.


Lamps are also great to use if you are entertaining and have drinks or food set up on your bench or Island. It creates a sophisticated look.

Run to your nearest lamp, bring it into the kitchen and try it out tonight!

Image Sources: 1/ Design by Suzanne Kasler 2 & 3 / Jones Design Company 4/ Vogue Living Aust  5/ Lisa Gabriel Interior Design 6/  Emily Jenkins Photography 7/ McGill Design Group 8/via Pinterest
Sydney Restaurant With An Interior To Make You Swoon

Sydney Restaurant With An Interior To Make You Swoon

I know its been open for 2 years but I finally went to Papi Chulo restaurant on Manly wharf for lunch on a perfect summers day in Sydney. I was totally smitten with the fit out and of course a great location on the harbour. The design is soft, fresh and has a great retro element to it as well. Papa Chulo has a few meanings in Spanish but “pretty boy” best suits this establishment.

Papi Chulo

The first thing I noticed was the painted green ceiling. I love painted ceilings and soft sage green was the ideal colour to work with the washed out colours of the interiors. The second thing that I ooh and ahhh’d over was the use of internal glass partitions in the kitchen and in the dining area.

papi chulo Manly 1

There is theme running through the design of soft rounded corners which works perfectly to make this space feel unpretentious and boat like.

papi Chulo 4

The bulkhead above the bar creates a focal point as well bringing the height of the room down. The changes in the floor materials are echoed in the roof as well.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 2.09.27 PM

They say you need to know the design rules and then break them.  I think thats exactly what the design firm Akin Creative who designed the fit out have done.  They have been able to use so many different textures and materials including wood, brick, glass, concrete and tiles of all shapes and sizes.

Papi Chulo 2

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.17.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 3.18.01 PM

The unisex toilets show that there is no space that has not been thought of that works in the overall look and feel of Papi Chulo.

Papi Chulo 3

Oh and the food was delicious, the sangria even better. Its a must do this summer and you can’t miss it being right on Manly Wharf. Visit their website Papichulo for more info and menu details.

Papi Chulo 5

  • Photos via Papi Chulo Facebook and Akin Creative
A Minimalist Home To Inspire You To Live With Less Clutter.

A Minimalist Home To Inspire You To Live With Less Clutter.

This lovely white abode has just the right balance of crisp white, clean design and highlights of warm wood and texture. This house is in Seattle USA although it looks just like a Sydney beachside cottage. The house was styled in the photo’s for a real estate listing {thats why it looks so clean and there are no personal items anywhere} Although I love that it is so paired back you can see the actual design layout and the fixtures.

This home is a wonderful example of how to pull off a crisp white design while still keeping your home warm and inviting.

They have used dark walnut flooring to balance the room and other wood elements throughout. The dark table and stair handrail provides a great contrast. The use of black door hardware with handles and hinges is a small detail but has a big effect.

Dining room banquette seating Seattle House

The window banquette seating in the dining room is a great idea and use of space in the narrow walkthrough area. The mirror reflects the one pendant to create a feeling of space and seeing 2 pendants where there is really only one.

I really love the large window seat. The big glass panel allows light to be flooded into the dining and stairwell area.

Kitchen 3 Seattle House

There are feature walls that have paneling, that bring texture and interest to the all-white rooms. In the picture below you can see 3 different wall finishes, gyprock, paneling and subway tiles but they all work because they are all the same colour.

Living room chair Seattle House

Master Bedroom 2 white and grey Seattle

A sea of soft neutrals completes this coastal styled master bedroom. Makes me want to remove all my excessive stuff in my home and make it a clean minimalist design.

Black Beauty – Black Kitchens Are Timeless And Here To Stay

Black Beauty – Black Kitchens Are Timeless And Here To Stay

Lonny Black Kitchen

Black kitchens are adorable and quite trendy these days. In the kitchen world, white reigns supreme but how can you not love the depth and beauty of black. Black is classic and won’t date if it is done with the right sense of style and good dash of white on the walls and counter tops. I think black cabinetry gives Carrera marble the best backdrop to make it come alive. Black kitchens have a way of creating a minimalist clutter-free feel to your house.

Black Galley kitchen

Black cabintes white subway tile

Black works in both modern homes and those with a contemporary traditional style. However, black kitchens are now also being considered as statement area in some households.

If you are not brave enough to go with full black cabinetry why not do black on the bottom cabinets and then do white on the upper cabinets. If you can’t commit to that then definitely look at having black cabinetry on your island bench.

1/ Lonny 2/Decor Pad 3/Houzz 4/ Pinterest

Angie Sig

Australian Coastal Style Home Using Crisp White And Deep Blues

Australian Coastal Style Home Using Crisp White And Deep Blues

Balmoral Beach, Sydney is home to a house which is a  perfect example of clean and contemporary beach place.  The views are simply amazing and the designers Arent & Pyke have used deep inky blue throughout the house that creates an undeniable sophistication.


Cant get enough of this kitchen.  Its a different “blue” and thats what I love about it. It also has perfect balance with white so the home remains light and airy but grounded with the blue.

The bathroom has a classical Hampton-esque feel.  I am loving the wood panelling with the subway tile. In the absence of a bold colour there is texture.

 This laundry is perfectly designed simplicity.

Can you believe this, what an amazing view to draw a colour palette from.

Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke are a fabulously talented duo that create the most amazing interiors.  I have a serious design crush on them.  Click here to see more of their inspirational work.

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