Why Not Light Up Your Kitchen With a Lamp

Why Not Light Up Your Kitchen With a Lamp

Kitchen lighting can be a delightful decision making activity. One of the elements I love most about interior design and styling is the never ending ideas pool from other designers. A completely practical and fabulous idea is to use table lamps in this space.  I must admit after seeing someone else do this I ran to grab a lamp and it stayed in there for two years. I have since moved it but now thinking I may bring it back.

 My inspiration came from the lovely Emily at Jones Design Company, who has used a lamp on her  bench top for years.  She has changed the lamp or shade over the years to give the kitchen a fresh update.

If you don’t have pendant lighting over your bench top  lamps are a great way to give extra light and look stylish too. I found in winter having a lamp in the kitchen made it feel cosy at night. After all the cooking was done I could have light but without having the super bright lights of my pendants + down lights.


Here are my top 4 reasons to bring a lamp into your cooking space.

  1. Table Lamps provides extra light and they are a fabulous option for renters or those who have not got around to installing pendants or lighting over the bench.


2. Lamps are not a permanent fixture, you can move them around or in and out of your kitchen.

3. It is an unexpected element that really does dress up a kitchen and creates an interesting stylish addition.

4. Table lamps are relatively inexpensive and you can add colour or texture to your area but using different colours or materials.


Lamps are also great to use if you are entertaining and have drinks or food set up on your bench or Island. It creates a sophisticated look.

Run to your nearest lamp, bring it into the kitchen and try it out tonight!

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Black Beauty – Black Kitchens Are Timeless And Here To Stay

Black Beauty – Black Kitchens Are Timeless And Here To Stay

Lonny Black Kitchen

Black kitchens are adorable and quite trendy these days. In the kitchen world, white reigns supreme but how can you not love the depth and beauty of black. Black is classic and won’t date if it is done with the right sense of style and good dash of white on the walls and counter tops. I think black cabinetry gives Carrera marble the best backdrop to make it come alive. Black kitchens have a way of creating a minimalist clutter-free feel to your house.

Black Galley kitchen

Black cabintes white subway tile

Black works in both modern homes and those with a contemporary traditional style. However, black kitchens are now also being considered as statement area in some households.

If you are not brave enough to go with full black cabinetry why not do black on the bottom cabinets and then do white on the upper cabinets. If you can’t commit to that then definitely look at having black cabinetry on your island bench.

1/ Lonny 2/Decor Pad 3/Houzz 4/ Pinterest

Angie Sig

Australian Coastal Style Home Using Crisp White And Deep Blues

Australian Coastal Style Home Using Crisp White And Deep Blues

Balmoral Beach, Sydney is home to a house which is a  perfect example of clean and contemporary beach place.  The views are simply amazing and the designers Arent & Pyke have used deep inky blue throughout the house that creates an undeniable sophistication.


Cant get enough of this kitchen.  Its a different “blue” and thats what I love about it. It also has perfect balance with white so the home remains light and airy but grounded with the blue.

The bathroom has a classical Hampton-esque feel.  I am loving the wood panelling with the subway tile. In the absence of a bold colour there is texture.

 This laundry is perfectly designed simplicity.

Can you believe this, what an amazing view to draw a colour palette from.

Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke are a fabulously talented duo that create the most amazing interiors.  I have a serious design crush on them.  Click here to see more of their inspirational work.

An amazing butlers pantry

An amazing butlers pantry

A beautiful kitchen that I really liked is featured in the latest online issue of Trends Magazine. {this magazine has a special place in my heart as I worked there for many years}.

This kitchen has generous proportions and the architect Stephen Akehurst has taken a fresh approach to incorporating a butlers pantry and delivered this stunning design.

A wall had been placed in the middle of the kitchen to create two zones.  From this angle it looks like a standard kitchen with the rangehood and cooker centered.  But take a closer look and you can see behind the wall is a walk through butlers pantry.

This is fabulous…. I spy 2 dishwashers and another sink. What a great place stack all your plates after entertaining as no one can see the mess, love it! Also love those pantry cupboard doors with what looks like a metal mesh insert.

In the pic to the right, that has to be a beautiful large french door fridge/freezer hiding under that custom made cabinetry.  Oh its kitchen design heaven.

The lighting is a key to this amazing space.  There are 5 windows in the kitchen not including the large dining area ones.  I love that this kitchen has been designed around these, most kitchen are lucky to have one window.

 The lighting on the overhead cabinets is another way to create such a beautiful, light and airy space.

Note the paneled ceilings and stunning hardware. So much to love….10 out of 10 for functionality and style, this kitchen is going straight into my top 5.

Warm Modern Kitchens

Warm Modern Kitchens

Kitchens that come in fresh white or neutral have always been a favorite but  lately I have spied some fabulous modern kitchens with an warm look to them. This kitchen  by Kenneth Brown is super stylish and creates but lately I have spied some fabulous modern kitchens with an warm look to them. This kitchen  by Kenneth Brown is super stylish and creates a very user friendly space with the kitchen table doubling up as an island workspace. A soft warm colour palette and that fantastic light pendant really make this kitchen an inspirational space.

Kenneth Brown Design

The industrial style is also on my radar. of course its not a new trend but there are lots of new ways it is being used in homes.

Can you spot the one design element that is common in these 3 kitchen?

via Kitchenism


It’s lighting and the use of fabulous pendants to make the kitchen really come alive.

Don’t ever underestimate the impact that lighting has in a kitchen.  Everyone seems so focused in getting the cabinetry and appliances right but don’t give enough thought or budget to lighting.  It can make a huge design impact.

Via Kitchenism


I promise to post about the virtues of fab kitchen lighting soon.  Stay tuned