How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

How To Hang Pictures & Artwork At The Right Height

An essential element to a well designed room is the height of pictures, mirrors and artwork are hung. It requires more than hammering a nail into the wall. If it is important enough to make a home for it on your walls then it’s important to do it right.


Hanging artwork too high is one of the most common mistakes I see in homes. Let me also include clocks in this as most people hang them ridiculously high too.  Whether it’s a framed child drawing, a print, photograph or a beautiful canvas, everyone seems to be hanging them so high only a 7-foot giant could really appreciate them. 

The rule of thumb is that the middle of your picture should be your eye height.




The perfect height to hang your artwork is average human eye level which is surprisingly low. The average eye level is only 145 cm from the ground. The middle of your artwork should be positioned at this height, so you are looking into the center of whatever it is you have hanging on your walls. 


It does not matter if you have super tall ceilings either, it is still ideal to keep it at eye level. If you have a super tall family, you may only add a little to the 145 cm.



That being said some adjustments are necessary if you are hanging it over a mantel or a bedhead but still keep these low too. If you are hanging artwork above a sofa or a bedhead, the gap between the top of the furniture and bottom of your artwork should only be around 12 – 30 cm. This is where so many people go wrong by trying to hang it in the middle of the space from ceiling to top of the furniture.

I think the lower the better. Check out these great examples below.

There are of course exceptions to this rule, that’s if we are talking about a gallery wall and also extra large artworks. But as a general rule of thumb, this is where you need to hang or re-hang your wall art and pictures.

Images  1/via Studio Mcgee 2/via Little Liberty 3/ FentonandFenton 4/Via Rebecca Judd Loves