Colourful House Exteriors can be tricky. Have you ever dreamt of painting your home something other than a neutral colour? If grey is not your favourite shade then you should choose something that makes your heart sing.

Of course there are certain rules to exterior colour {many that I talk about here on this blog} but rules were meant to be broken especially in the world of design.  Your home should not only express your personality but also be a place of happiness so why not paint it your favourite colour.

Colourful homes are a staple of tropical and coastal areas but defiantly not limited to those. In my own local Blue Mountains town there are gorgeous colourful homes in apple green, yellow, pink and also navy.

They are all cottage style homes with weatherboard. Here is one of my all time fav projects in a soft buttery yellow.


If pastels are not your thing then go deep and dark with an almost black, navy or sage green.

Modern homes have so many options to add bright and bold colour.  A great solution to adding a bold colour is to use on the back of a house, an extension, garage, pool house or shed.