There has been a trend in recent years by home building companies to use so many different materials and colours on the exterior colour scheme that it is almost silly. Brick, Sycon cladding, stone, timber, Colorbond, concrete render and that is all just on the front facade……phew

When it comes to exteriors, I say less is more. Approximately 8 out of 10 of my exterior colour clients say they would like a classic scheme that does not date. Then one of the best ways to do that is to keep the scheme simple.

This gorgeous home is a great example of using a limited but very successful colour scheme. Black, white and a very soft grey.

It works because it is simple.

I love stone features, I love cladding and I love brick but not always together in all different colours with timber and colorbond thrown into the mix. Sometimes it’s a little too busy and I have a feeling that this trend for multiple features on a facade will date.

My general rule of thumb is 4 exterior colours and that includes the roof and windows.  Different textures and substrates can be painted in the same colour. They still look different and it adds to the overall design of the home. Please don’t make the mistake of having every different material a different colour. I love having different materials say like cladding and render the same colour because what you then focus on is the texture rather than the colour.

The one thing I don’t include in my limited 4 colours is the front door.  Paint your door bright green or hot pink. You can blend it into the scheme or totally have it be the most stand out feature of the exterior.

Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any exterior. If you are using stone on your facade, make it the hero. It should be the feature and not competing too much with all the other elements

Less is definitely more when it comes to the exterior colour palette.

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