There is something so wonderful and daring about a black exterior. It can give an old house a new lease of life or a new one a contemporary yet classic look. Black tones have really made a resurgence for exteriors, and I can see why.

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White trim on windows, doors or even shutters can be the key to not only making the black pop, but also creating a balance of light and dark elements. Its seems as if anything goes with a black background.  Bright coloured doors, plants or even outdoor furniture will all look fab against a dark backdrop.

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Black Deck Chairs

The image below is a stunning example of how you can take a historical buildings and completely transform the exterior by using all black.

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This Victorian terrace is a great example of painting out all the trim and details in black. I think it adds to the architectural features and certainly creates drama.

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The window and brick detail of this New York building looks so much more sophisticated than its neighbours. The mirrored doors with chevron patterned black metal are amazing too.

Modern black brownstone

One of the best features of painting your home black is that is works with so many roof colours, especially red and terracotta. I am asked all the time how to work a red roof into a scheme and black is definitely a great way to bring your tired red roof and home to life.

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Black and charcoal make greenery look extra lush and wooden furniture or decks are the perfect partner to a dark exterior.

Black cabin exterior

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If you are thinking about a new exterior colour for your home, why not consider going black or a deep charcoal.  It suits almost any style of home and definatly gives your home that wow factor.

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