Dark paint can be tricky if you are going for a specific feel with your interior design. One of the most common questions I am asked as a colour consultant is “Will a dark colour make the room feel smaller?” In my experience, people seem genuinely afraid to paint walls inside their homes a dark or even mid tone colour.

Using dark colours in interiors can create a feeling of sophistication, comfort and drama. In all the years I have choosing colours I have NEVER had a client say to me once the room was painted “The colour is too dark”. They often say I wish I had of gone a few shades darker as you suggested.

The image above of the hanging vase was taken in my home.  I painted just one wall and it completely changed the feel of our living room and I love it. The colour is Dulux Isolation, a deep dark Charcoal with a blue base. I normally don’t choose blue based greys because they can be cold, but when they are deep dark colours it adds depth to the colour. It actually look more like the image below in real life.

Will it make the room look smaller?

Dark colours recede. When a room is painted a dark to medium tone, the colour will actually make the room look larger rather than bringing the walls in.

Can you paint just one wall dark or are feature walls not on trend?

With dark paint colours, you can just pick one wall to make an impact. I think the days of having a different coloured feature wall in every room are over but using one wall is ideal with dark colours.

One of the reasons I love most about using dark walls is their ability to make other elements of the room the hero. All types of wood tones look amazing and really stand out against dark walls as do whites trims and artworks.

Will the room become dark and cold looking?

The natural light in a room will not change so if it is a south facing room that always seems cool regardless of the colour you choose, why not make it cosy and give it that feeling of richness. If it is a space with bright light, even better as it will still look great.

Dark walls are not just for living areas and bedrooms. They look fabulous in bathrooms, laundry’s and kitchens.  Like these images below it works to showcase the white or light elements in a room.

I am in love with this laundry, its amazing and the dark walls make that beautiful marble really pop.

Dark paint walls are prefect to make the bold items of furniture and artwork really stand out, much better than white can for impact. The yellow chair or red lounge would not have the same wow factor against a white backdrop.




It doesn’t have to be charcoals, greys and navy…what about a deep green, red or aubergine.



So what are you waiting for? Be brave and bold with your paint dark paint colour choices and remember…its only paint of you don’t like it, you can paint over it. Its not a long term commitment, so have a fling with the dark side.

Image Credits:  all sourced from Pinterest,I have misplaced all original sources. If you know who these belong to please let me know.